TECH-WORLD: Cheapest Data Subscription For BB10 Phones

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August 25, 2016 by Levi Dominic

So I just bought my BBZ10, I was so happy because I heard the phone is quite sophisticated and good for my internet business.

I subscribed with my normal Etisalat N1,000 BB subscription  expecting to get 3gb as usual. It did not even work and I just wasted my 1k, that’s when I realized that the new Blackberry 10 series have their own special subscription in all the network in Nigeria, which ofcourse cost more than normal BB subscription.

So far the cheapest data subscription for Blackberry 10 series is Glo BBCMONTH
( which is used in normal BB data subscription) and it works perfect in BB10 series. You just need to change your “Access Point Number” = APN.

How You Can Get 3gb data For N1,000 on Glo Network For Your BB10 Phones

1. Buy a Glo SIM.
2. If you newly registered it, allow 24hrs for your SIM card to finish propagating.
3. Recharge your SIM with N1,000 Glo airtime.
4. Check your balance with #124# to make sure you have up to N1,000 in your account.
5. Click on “settings” > “mobile network” look down and click on “APN”
6.Change your APN from to, just remove the “x” at the end of blackberry. No need for username and password (ignore them). As for the “authentication type” leave it at “none”
7. Then type and send “BBCMONTH” to 777 (without the quotes).
8. You will get confirmation message from Glo telling you that your “BBCMONTH subscription was successful”
9. Off and on your phone and you can begin to enjoy your phone with cheap data.

How To Browse With Your Blackberry subscription on Your Computer
10. If you want to use it to browse on your PC. Just ON your “Mobile Hotspot” also on your PC on the “wireless connection” and allow it to search for connection. Once it is connected, you will see the name of your PC in the your mobile network area, you can now browse as you want on your PC.


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