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September 9, 2016 by Levi Dominic

Tiffany grew up in Jeonju Province in Korea since birth up until the age of five. Due to her father’s demanding work and her mother’s death, she was forced to move from Jeonju to Seoul City and stay there for good. She loves to make friends, with the deserving ones only.

Wealth is not a factor for her to be arrogant. She’s rich but very down to earth and can easily make friends with the normal kids. In her school days, she was an honor student. And graduated with flying colors in college.

After getting her work experience in her father’s company in Seoul until the age of twenty-six, she decided to be independent and start her own law empire in which her father became proud of. Her father’s business has a chain of headquarters from Korea and America offering security and very well accomodations for public and private sectors for those who are in need so he’s always out of the house but he never forgets to take care of his daughters. Yes, daughters. He decided to adopt an abandoned little girl from the streets one night for some reasons.

First, Tiffany got lonely when they moved to Seoul so he thought that she needs some company since he’s always out. Second, the little girl was crying miserably when they found her at the corner of the street looking fragile. Tiffany looked happy when she saw the child so Mr. Hwang decided to hire someone to check the kid’s background and when he found out that the parents were both dead, he started processing the papers for adoption and named the kid Hwang Joohyun.

In Tiffany’s own law firm, her sister is the COO, while she is the CEO. They are both lawyers. She has a lot of trust in her since she’s a brilliant and intelligent woman with outstanding manners so she lets her decide for the company. If Joohyun was in trouble, she’s definitely going to ask for her sister’s opinion.

Tiffany is strict but kind to her employees. They all respect her just like how she respects them. In everyone’s eyes, she’s beautiful, smart, a successful business woman and all but when she’s alone, she’s not just smart, beautiful and all, she has an amazing ability. The ability to see the souls who are lost and are asking for help. She has a third-eye. An open THIRD EYE 

…….to be continued! Watch out for next episode of SOULMATE!

Will she be able to help the lost souls to be finally at peace? Will she be able to help Taeyeon? Yes? No?


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