6 Reasons Why You Should Shop Online With KONGA.COM

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September 12, 2016 by Levi Dominic

​It’s 2016 and our lives just got busier! Who still has the time to trudge from one local store to another looking for a specific electronic gadget, cooking equipment, shoe or article of clothing? No, thanks! We all admit that we’ll rather use the time to relax or make more money than wear out our feet and consume car fuel. So, it goes without saying that online stores are a welcome innovation.


You can say goodbye to weary feet, wasted time and gas, impulse buys, long queues and possibly, rude shopping clerks. There’s a lot to gain from when you shop online. Really, with the amount of advantages that Shopping online brings, it is really puzzling to me as to why more people won’t buy online. My best guess is lack of information. So here is information!

6 Important Reasons Why You Should Shop Online With KONGA

These are SIX important reasons why you should shop online with KONGA:


We can’t over-stress this, can we? As humans, we are always looking for the quickest and easiest way to do things and shopping online is quick and easy. You do not have to leave the comfort of your room or office, head out, drive and start visiting different departmental shops hoping that you find what you like and possibly ending up with something you don’t like that much. Just go online and check out KONGA online stores. Plus, there are no store shopping hours so whether late at night or in the wee hours of the morning, KONGA online stores are open waiting for you!


How often have we heard from a storekeeper, “Oh! We don’t have that in red (a particular colour) or in size 6 (a particular brand).”? Quite often, right? Now, that is not the case with online stores. All you want is on KONGA online store! You might have to check different sites but that is not nearly as harrowing as leaving one local store and going to another, right? And you don’t even have to endure the pleading eyes or the practiced sales pitch of the storekeeper as he persistently tries to convince you to buy something you would rather not buy.


Once you become a frequent visitor to KONGA online stores, you’ll find out that they always have price slashes, clearance sales and numerous discounts. You just have to be really smart and informed to cash into these deals (e.g. the huge price cuts of Cyber Monday). 

Also, KONGA online stores have a price match option where they match the lowest prices that can be found for the exact item on any other online store so you can always be assured that you’regetting the best deal.


Most store owners/keepers will tell you anything to make a sale even if they’ve never patronized the brand before! But customers have nothing to lose or gain by saying the truth so researching customer reviews is a very helpful way to know all about the product before buying it. Customer reviews avail you of the opportunity to get opinions from real consumers who have purchased the goods and have important feedback.


It can be scary to purchase some items [e.g. electronics] from stores especially ones that are a quite far from your residence. You try to judge from the appearance and demeanor of the salesperson if he’s lying to you or not. If he seems too happy to sell off the product, you assume it’s a fake. No need for such detective work when you  shop online with KONGA

KONGA online store verify the authenticity of the items they post on their site so you can be assured you’re getting a quality item. They also make available returns/exchanges so if you’re not satisfied with the quality, you can always return it or exchange for another one you like.

Sometimes you do not have the money to shop immediately but you want to enjoy some good old window shopping. Maybe you are scouting new fashion trends or making a mental shopping list, planning on returning later to make purchases. Or you are simply looking for a good way to spend a few hours. No need to get dressed and go out. KONGA’s Mobile APP is the way.

Just imagine: huge access to different brands, designers, style, colours and sizes on your screen!

Important Note: This does not mean that buying online is without its own cons so you should be very careful when buying online too. Buy from reputable online shopping sites and ensure you check out their terms, conditions and offers.

A good online site to check out is Konga.com,  Nigeria’s biggest online store. You will have at your disposal a wide array of different items that you might be shopping around for and you’ll get them at the lowest prices. Goods bought from this site get to the customers between 3-5 days and they also give free nationwide delivery! You can also pay on delivery if that makes you feel more comfortable.


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